Eagles Nest: Breathe, Behold, Belong


In the lower regions Chir Pine, Sisham, Sal, Poplar dominate the land while in the upper regions there’s Deodar, Blue Pine, Tosh, Rhododendron, Brown Oak, Silver Oak, Ban, Birch. Rhododendron plays an important role on our hill as well by attracting insects and birds, forming a major part in ecosystem.

Meadows and pastures are often by a dangerously steep slope and after winter they bloom with wild flowers and are filled with hundreds of butterflies. The range of fauna here is absolutely bewildering. The enviable list includes – Blue Poppy (queen of Himalayan flowers), Buddleja, Wild Turmeric, Dhuup/Jaatukanda, Indian Barberry, Common Juniper, Clematis, Himalayan Musk Rose, Wild Pear, Honeysuckle, Cobra Lily, Wild Cherry, Sedum, Rock Jasmine, Evening Primrose, Viola, Paper plant, Horse Chestnut, Wild Raspberry, Baby’s breath, and more.

Additionally, at our garden and greenhouse, we experiment a lot with plants, flowers and herbs but that is something we’d like for you experience than read about.